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Access to Experience

Touchstone Investments helps investors achieve their financial goals by providing access to a distinctive selection of institutional asset managers who are known and respected for proficiency in their specific area of expertise. Learn more.

Recognizing that mastery of all investment disciplines is beyond the scope of any one firm, the use of sub-advisors allows Touchstone to offer an array of strategically focused funds across styles and asset classes. Touchstone's fund lineup includes U.S. equity, international/global equity, U.S. fixed income, diversified income, multi-asset and alternative investment funds.

Touchstone's investment professionals are responsible for the selection, monitoring and replacement of each sub-advisor, subject to the approval of Touchstone Funds' Board of Trustees. Our professionals use a due diligence process commensurate with the standards and guidelines typically used by sophisticated institutional investors and are responsible for the oversight of each sub-advisor including the adherence to each fund's stated investment objective, style integrity, return objective and risk parameters. Touchstone believes that this comprehensive approach to selecting and monitoring of our sub-advisors helps to maximize fund performance over the long-term.


Sub-Advisor Selection and Monitoring

Touchstone follows a diligent process when conducting a search for a new sub-advisor. Intensive evaluation leads to a selection of a sub-advisor only if the firm has demonstrated proficiency in its area of declared expertise over a sustained period of time. Specific selection criteria are developed based on the product objective and both qualitative and quantitative evaluations are performed.

We oversee each fund and each manager relative to expectations that were established during the selection process. A formal quantitative analysis is completed quarterly and a qualitative review is performed at least annually in which we reassess the sub-advisor's investment capabilities and supporting infrastructure.

Touchstone Funds have been created to meet defined investment goals and risk-return objectives. Our rigorous sub-advisor selection process and robust oversight approach are designed to ensure that we deliver on our commitment of providing access to institutional asset managers with the goal of achieving favorable long term results.


Touchstone's Business Continuity Plan

Touchstone Securities, Inc. has developed a Business Continuity Plan on how we will respond to events that significantly disrupt our business.

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About Western & Southern Financial Group

Touchstone Securities, Inc., Touchstone Advisors, Inc., and IFS Financial Services, Inc. are members of Western & Southern Financial Group, a diversified family of financial services companies whose heritage dates back to 1888.

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