Go Paperless


Choose paperless delivery of your Touchstone Investments documents, and simplify your life by reducing paper and clutter.

Why eDelivery?

  • It's fast — you don't have to wait for the postal service
  • It's convenient — notices are delivered straight to your email address
  • It's clean — eDelivery cuts paper waste and is friendlier to the environment

Direct Shareholders

If you receive your mutual fund statements from Touchstone Investments:

  • Click the button below to log into your account
  • Go to Account Options > eDelivery Option to set your preferences

Brokerage Account Shareholders

If you hold your mutual fund shares within a brokerage account and receive statements directly from your bank or broker:

  • Click the button below to access the Broadridge™ Electronic Delivery site
  • Select the first letter of your brokerage firm's name and follow the on-screen instructions